The organization started as an all-volunteer steering committee and, with the support of affiliate organizations such as AMIBA (American Independent Business Alliance), evolved into a non-profit organization in 2011, driven by an active Board of Directors and Officers. In May of 2013 BIBA added a contracted Executive Director and three new board members were added in January of the following year.


In an effort to support the Buy Local movement, BIBA has hosted Meet & Greets at a number of member businesses. In addition, BIBA has sponsored guest speakers including recognized industry leaders: Jeff Milchen, co-founder of AMIBA, Stacy Mitchell, author and founder of ISLR (Institute for Self Reliance), Laury Hammel, founder of SBN (Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts) and Joe Grafton, AMIBA Director of Development and Community Engagement.


In 2013, with the support of the Bank of New Hampshire, BIBA introduced the Buy Local Advantage card, a value-added marketing tool for members to promote special offers and increase awareness of their local businesses.